Hemant Rathi
Managing Director

Additional Position Adjunct Faculty at Manipal Academy of Higher Education

EducationM.Sc (int) Economics, IIT Kanpur

Key SkillsPatient level simulation, HTA submissions, Economic Modelling, Dashboard and Model adaptations

Key Therapeutic Areas Cardiovascular, Pathological Myopia, Multiple Sclerosis, Oncology, Rheumatoid Arthritis and TRD

Amit Gupta
Health Economist

EducationM. Sc. Statistics, Delhi University

Key SkillsCost Effectiveness (CE) and Budget Impact Models (BIMs), Model Adaptations, Literature Reviews and Report Writing

Key Therapeutic Areas Oncology, Clostridium Difficile Infection (CDI), Mental Health, Anti Microbial Resistance and Sjogren's Syndome

Neha Sharan
Systematic Reviewer

EducationM. Pharm Pharmacology, Panjab University

Key SkillsSystematic and targeted literature reviews, dossiers, manuscripts, posters and report writing

Key Therapeutic Areas Neurology, Oncology, Psychiatry, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Rare Diseases

Tanu Khurana
Systematic Reviewer

EducationM. Pharm Pharmacy Practice, NIPER, Hajipur

Key SkillsSystematic and targeted literature reviews, Access Evidence Dossiers, Burden of Illness reports, manuscripts, posters, report writing and strategic evidence development

Key Therapeutic Areas Oncology, Endocrinology, Rare Diseases, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psychiatry

Shantanu Jawla
Systematic Reviewer

EducationM.Pharm Pharmacology, DIPSAR, University of Delhi

Key SkillsSystematic and targeted literature reviews, Global value dossiers, Manuscripts and Scientific presentations (posters, abstracts & slide-decks)

Key Therapeutic Areas Immunology & Dermatology, Respiratory, Neuroscience, Oncology and Medical Devices

Dr. Ritu Gupta
Systematic Reviewer

EducationMPH, Indian Institute of Public Health

Key SkillsSystematic review, manuscripts, report writing, statistical analysis

Key Therapeutic Areas Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, Medical devices

Dr. Bhavna Sharma
Systematic Reviewer

EducationM.Sc. Clinical Research, Indian Institute of Public Health- Delhi

Key SkillsSystematic review and Meta-analysis, statistical analysis, pharmaceutical policy evaluation, scientific writing.

Key Therapeutic Areas Oncology, Mental Health.

Dr. Prachi Arora
Health Economist

EducationPhD Health Economics and Outcomes Research, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Key SkillsEconomic modelling, Observational study designs, Secondary data analysis (including CMS Part D, Symphony claims and HealthJump EMR), Systematic and Targeted Literature Review

Key Therapeutic Areas Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Oncology, Mental Health, Women’s Health, Health Policy